Project management and development

New or large projects usually present a multitude of challenges and raise many concerns. Oftentimes, it is a costly process as well. Our job is to make sure that our clients feel none of these concerns and pains during any of the stages.

Superhero project management in 5 steps:

  1. Great analysis

This is genesis. Great analysis makes sure all of our clients needs are properly understood and that we propose the best solutions. If there are products or systems currently in use we will analyse these extensively as well - it is important to see what doesn't work and why it doesn't work. Mistakes in this stage are costly and multiply by the time everything is finished so it is our biggest responsibility to mitigate this risk.

  1. Scouting and managing resources

Once the plans are made it is time to scout the best talent for the job, to hire them and to motivate them. We propose the best technologies and best infrastructure (equipment) for the job. During this stage our priority is acquiring the best resources available while staying within the budgets.

  1. Production

Production moves forward and always stays on time. Timelines and deadlines get met, lots and lots of coffee gets drunk. If there is existing data that needs migrating it happens during this stage. We understand the importance of this process so we put top priority on the absolute accuracy!

  1. Testing and implementation

Great products get great testing before they are released. We are firm believers in nothing but the best quality – it lasts longer and provides better experience. In the end, it saves money and time.

  1. Support

The more complex the project is, the greater are the clients fears and uncertainties. Relax, we are here to provide full support, even after all is said and done. The top users will get educated, processes will get tweaked untill they run smoothely and all potential bugs will be fixed.