Online marketing and analytics

Marketing in this day and age requires proficiency with many different platforms and solutions. Some of them are highly complex and the borders between marketing and IT services get more blurred by the day. Our marketing team loves our IT team and they work closely together. That way we can always provide full support and integrated service to our clients.

Our work begins with drafting the digital marketing strategy and defining the following:

  1. Target customers
  2. Channels and messages to reach these customers
  3. Outcomes we are expecting to achieve (conversions, bookings, sign-ups, downloads, clicks, …)
  4. KPI's and benchmarks against which our efforts will me stacked


There are the platforms we love:

  • Google AdWords
  • Yandex Direct
  • Baidu and other Chinese platforms
  • Display advertising
  • Mobile advertising
  • Social media
  • Email marketing


We use contemporary analytics tools and tag management systems (Google tag manager) so our clients’ marketing teams don’t have to wait for the IT team to implement their feature requests.

  • Google analytics and Adobe marketing suite
  • Google tag-manager
  • eCommerce tracking
  • Integrating big-data and web analytics