Zeraxo superpowers

Zeraxo covers a lot under its roof: the whole process from software development to online marketing. We combine software technology, business processes and talented people to achieve the goal of growing your business.

Zeraxo’s experienced developers easily integrate with clients’ across all sectors, industries and of all sizes. Our clients include small, medium and large companies, as well as public sector organisations and international associations.

X-ray vision
Focusing on measurability and accurate data enables Zeraxo to base every decision on clear indicators and relevant benchmarks.

With its proven success track, clients of the world can count on Zeraxo to save the day. Check our list of references.

Zeraxo weaknesses
To compensate for its complete lack of telepathic skills, the Zeraxo team cherishes timely communication with clients and the authority of knowledge.
We also don’t have the ability to travel through time so we keep our minds firmly set on the future.

  • Have
    a project?

    Web, mobile,
    e-commerce apps production

    dotNET, Java, Html5, CSS3, jQuery, Angular, iOS, Android, WinPhone...
    You name the technology, we've got it!

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  • Need
    a hero?

    Project management
    and development

    Place your trust in the hands of our experienced development & project management team – Zeraxo team is reliable and efficient.

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  • Starving
    for visitors?

    Online marketing
    and analytics

    After you have created your presence on the web and mobile devices comes the second part which we absolutely love - talking to your audience!

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